Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome to Sarah Loves Ladybugs!!!

Welcome to Sarah's project called "Sarah Loves Ladybugs". Sarah Loves Ladybugs is an online store featuring jewelery and goodies such as pearls, jade, "cotton candy gems", handmade hair bows and more! 20% of profits are donated to orphan care and the remaining profits are set aside for Sarah's college fund.

Here is the welcome message as posted on the website.

Welcome! 欢迎 Ni Hao! 你好
I remember playing in the Chinese bamboo trees when I was young. And I helped push the young rice sprigs down into the watery earth during planting season. Now, I'm a USA high school student. "How did that happen?!" you may ask?

My name is Sarah and I was born in China. When I was 13-3/4 years old I was adopted and moved to the USA. I love the USA and I love China.

My mom and I started this small business called "Sarah Loves Ladybugs" as a way for me to learn about business, decision making, finances and more. And as a way to help myself, help others and to meet some great people!

In Chinese adoption, the ladybug symbolizes hope, dreams and future ... so from one ladybug to another ... THANK YOU ... 谢谢! I hope you'll tell your friends too!


Please add our blog and Facebook Fan Page to your favorites! Our blog can be found at http://SarahLovesLadybugs.blogspot.com and find us on Facebook too!

20% of profits donated to help orphans around the world. Remaining profit set aside for Sarah's college education.

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Yenta Mary said...

Sarah, I'm so proud of you and happy to follow your blog! Been Facebook friends with your mom, so now it's time to friend you, too ... :)