Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sarah's Store is Closing

Well, it's time to close up the "Sarah Loves Ladybugs" shop. We wish we could keep it open longer, but unfortunately we just aren't getting enough orders to cover the expense of having the store. BUT, it was a GREAT experience for Sarah (and us) and she used any proceeds to buy items to send back to her orphanage in China.

So, in about two weeks the store will be history. Our website is paid through November 10 so we're have a half price sale and hope you'll stop by!!!

We'll be moving our handmade zip top bags over to Etsy and if you'd like the link to the Etsy store just let me know.

Thanks for much for all your support!! And we hope you all are getting ready for a wonderful Halloween, Thanksgiving and ..... Christmas!!

Best Wishes!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Store is Updated -- TONS of Bows!

How is everyone's "back to school" going?!?!? Sarah has three weeks of 10th grade over with and so far she's LOVING school this year. Whew!! I have to say I was a bit worried but she's just going right along. She has lots of homework each night but it's getting done with some time left over for "family time" so I couldn't ask for any more than that.

We have some exciting news about "Sarah Loves Ladybugs .com"! We've just added oodles of new hair bows to the store including cheerleaders with tiny little corker pom-poms and a rhinestone encrusted bow in their hair! Too cute. We have several colors available now and many more arriving next month. If there's a combo of colors you'd like us to have, just drop us a note and we'll see what we can do!

Also, "Sarah Loves Ladybugs" is starting promoting to retail stores and fundraising groups this week. We're very excited to be starting a wholesale program for stores AND fundraising groups. So if you have a cute little boutique, children's shop, dance school, cheerleading group, school group in your area, we'd love their contact information (especially email and address) so we can send them a note to let them know about our products. And, if you or someone you know is doing some fundraising and thinks they might like to sell our hair bows, please have them email us. You can reach us at .

Here are some photos of the new arrival hair bows! Please stop by and check them out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clothes have arrived in China!

We just received an email from the orphanage that the box of clothing has arrived! Not only has it arrived, but the kiddos are already wearing the items!!! We've been told that there are quite a few little boys at the orphanage right now and they are in need of boys clothes, so they've actually used some of the girls clothes for the boys. So the next box Sarah sends will include boys clothes.
Are you waiting to travel to Nanjing? Do you see your child below? If so, we'd love to know!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Winners from our drawing!!!

THANKS everyone so much for helping to spread the word about "Sarah Loves Ladybugs"! Our drawing winners are: Nicole Davis ($50), Terrye Shirley ($25), Jackie Quick ($25), Lauree Solberg ($10), Mary Bilyeu ($10), Julie Dart Snyder ($10), MaryKate Keffeler ($10) and Shannon Bookmiller ($10).


Friday, July 30, 2010

Sarah in Better Homes & Gardens Newletter

On Wednesday, August 4, Better Homes and Gardens "Better Recipes .com" will be running a story about Sarah! She's so excited!!! We'd love for you to sign up for their newsletter which comes out every Wednesday and is full of delicious recipes and fun reads too! You can sign up at: and then in the upper right hand side select "join". And please let us know what you think about the article when it comes out!

Also, if you're on Facebook you can "like" their page by finding them under "Better Recipes with Kristina Vanni" ....

Facebook "Better Recipes with Kristina Vanni"

Can't wait until Wednesday!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

First Donation Heading to China!

Sarah is making her first donation to the children of China! She used proceeds from "Sarah Loves Ladybugs" and selected some clothes and accessories to send to her orphanage in Nanjing. She has 20 clothing items and 10 accessory items to send.

In China, clothing with English writing and bling is very "cool" so she's picked out some things that she's sure the kiddos will LOVE! And this time she's sending things for the older kiddos as many times donation of clothing are given for infants/toddlers.

She's already contacted the orphanage and they know the box is being sent. They'll be taking some photos of the kiddos getting the new items and will email them to Sarah .... she'll share the photos once they arrive.

THANKS so much to everyone for your support of "Sarah Loves Ladybugs"!! Sarah can't wait to save up for her next donation and looking into options for places to donate, so if you have a suggestion please let us know (any country, any orphanage suggestion appreciated).

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our BIGGEST Weekend of Orders Yet!

(Zip top bags in large and medium, fully lined with stand-up bottoms)

We had our biggest weekend of orders yet! THANKS so much everyone! Thought we'd share a few photos with you of the handmade items we worked on this weekend that are ready to ship their new homes.

The zip top bags are going to three different homes. Fabrics selected were: Little Cow Girls, Black & White Toile and China Girls. And three three flannel pillow cases will be shipping out to different homes as well. Pillow case colors selected this weekend were: Pink Cupcakes, Green Monkeys and Chocolate Cupcakes. Plus we'll be packaging up some pearl and Chinese jewelry, a checkbook cover and hair bows and getting them sent off.

THANKS everyone! As always, custom orders welcome!

(Flannel pillow cases for regular sized bed pillows, singles or sets)